My blog

I’m Licia Corbolante, an Italian terminologist and localization specialist. Terminologia etc. is my personal blog on terminology, translation, localization and anything language-related that attracts my attention. It is currently available only in Italian.

My background

I hold a degree in translation from the University of Trieste, Italy, and a diploma of advanced studies in applied linguistics and marketing from the University of Salford, UK; I also did further studies in computational linguistics at Dublin City University, Ireland.

I have been working in the localization field since the early 90s, mainly at Microsoft, where I was instrumental in defining Italian localization standards, developing target language processes and driving best practices across languages. Until April 2009 I was Senior Italian Terminologist with Microsoft Language Excellence, an international team of terminologists and language specialists responsible for maintaining a multilingual, concept-oriented terminology database and supporting Microsoft product teams and localization service providers (cf. Working with terminology at Microsoft, an outline of a presentation given at tcworld 2008).

I currently work as an independent terminologist and localization specialist and I am based in Milan, Italy.

Additional information: Interview with Licia Corbolante (Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament, 2013).

You can e-mail me at info [at] terminologiaetc [dot] it or contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn.

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